Jewelry with classic touches that are back in fashion

Las joyas con toques clásicos que vuelven a estar de moda

Jewelry with classic touches that are back in fashion


Jewelry is essential when creating a outfit with glamour. Of course, the most advisable thing is to have a small jewelry box with classic style and quality pieces. And this type of jewelry never goes out of style and helps empower even a simple person. look of jeans and T-shirts. Discover some jewelry vintage that you should not miss.

Choose jewelry with classic touches

If you want pieces that will not go out of style and that will help you create very glamorous outfits, opt for stylish pieces. vintage . With just a few basic pieces like a knit dress in a neutral color, a simple suit jacket or a pleated skirt and a cotton t-shirt, you won't need anything else to look perfect. We give you some ideas.

A large Imperial style ring

Many women prefer the motto of “Less is more ” when it comes to jewelry. In this sense, a large ring can enhance an outfit without needing to add anything else. Rings reminiscent of the classic and medieval world never go out of style and combine with all types of looks from the most casual to special events. They are ideal alone or accompanied by some earrings.


A pearl necklace with a special and different design

When we talk about the pearl necklace, the first image that comes to mind is the timeless classic that identified Coco Chanel so much. But there are many other options for women who want a classic and timeless design without resorting to the usual model. If that is your case, opt for a necklace that, in addition to pearls, includes natural stones and a neck made of silk, For example.

A stylish pearl and natural stone bracelet vintage

Pearls are one of those classics that never go out of style. Of course, there are women who do not identify with pearl necklaces. A bracelet aged of pearls and natural stones It can be a good alternative that beautifies and stylizes the hand.

Earrings inspired by ancient civilizations

Jewelry inspired by Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome or the Middle Ages is excellent for enhancing the face. They are ideal both to show off with loose hair as with hair up . In addition, they are one of those essential pieces to have as a jewelry box that can help you enhance any garment on a special occasion.

duria-ethnic-bronze earrings

A filigree bracelet

A bracelet with filigree and pearls with a special oxidation that gives it a very glamorous antique look is ideal to combine with all types of outfits. A piece that enhances total looks in black or white and that can be completed with simple pearl click earrings or small gold hoops.


A necklace with dragonflies

Dragonflies are widely used in jewelry making and never go out of style. A chain with a bronze dragonfly and semi-precious stones highlights cotton t-shirts and knitted dresses in plain colors. A simple piece, but very chic which always provides a plus.


Why choose style pieces vintage ?

Have a few style jewels in your wardrobe vintage It is packed with benefits:

– They are pieces that last in time intact as the first day. A small investment that is worth it.

 They enhance even the simplest of looks.

– They are pieces timeless that do not go out of style and that our daughters can inherit.

The vintage jewelry They are ideal to complete all types of outfits. Get some basic jewelry box bottom pieces and get the best ones looks with simple basic clothing items.


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