Main jewelry trends for Spring-Summer 2021

Principales tendencias de bisutería para Primavera-Verano 2021
Spring Summer 2021 Trends

Do you want to know what are the jewelry trends for the spring-summer 2021 season ? If you are looking forward to being trendy, you have come to the right place. Because we are going to share with you what you are going to wear and we have a selection of truly spectacular cutting-edge products in fine jewelry . Start taking notes.

Trends in current jewelry

The first and the summer of 2021, as far as jewelry aesthetics are concerned, are going to come loaded with good vibes, notoriety and a lot of style . If you know what the main ones are trends in jewelry of the new season, you can complete your latest outfits and give them that personal touch that you like so much.

The return of the pearls

Its appearance three or four years ago as an ornament in different fashion accessories and accessories, especially footwear and certain hairstyles, has led to its great current prominence in all types of jewelry elements. Above all the Jewelry necklaces , very long and striking , are going to be their natural habitat par excellence.

Forget about that atavistic prejudice that associated pearls with outfits classic, elitist and a little posh. On the contrary, the pearls are now fashions , fun and rebellious. Don't be afraid to experiment with them.

The figurative ornaments

The jewels have opted for concrete fantasy: they represent specific objects and elements, often from everyday life, and leave abstract iconography in the background. Animals, vegetables, household objects and letters They are some of the most attractive options you can find. Dare to wear the decoration that best represents you!

The empire of links

Chain yourself to trendy with these eighties motifs that represent the return to the excesses, rotundity and industrialism of yesteryear. Inside of the street style , links and chains are presented as a brilliant and everlasting formula to attract attention in a thousand and one ways: with textures and polishes, with any color and, in any case, with formats oversize pulling gigantic ones.

The impact of color… pending

Earrings are also great, but, above all, with Vivid and impressive chromaticisms . Place turquoise, purple, fuchsia and red stones and pieces next to your ears, with a lot of shine and a tendency to baroque style. Simplicity is not appropriate these days, at least when choosing earrings. And neither is symmetry: it is time to wear different earrings in each ear. Go for contrasts, XL and dynamic colors! bets on the jewelry earrings more striking.

The rise of ethnic maximalism

Jewelry with a touch of folklore, always up-to-date, prevails, and the ethnic earrings . As a result of current times, with masks and videoconferences on the rise, the use of maximalist, ornate and enormous jewelry expands our facial visibility. You hadn't thought about it? Since our mouth and nose are barely visible, the ocular and auditory areas take on greater importance. So move on to the bright, powerful and fun designs , with a clear spirit of celebration and great spirits.

In this context, ethnic-inspired creations also find their place to highlight your presence from a different perspective.

The cross of styling

The crosses continue to have a presence in our outfits . They triumphed in the autumn-winter season and refuse to take a backseat. Of course, they maintain their gothic or baroque essence and they incorporate the new defining features that we have been discussing: bright colors, impressive sizes and lots and lots of ornamental overload.

What did you think of the jewelry trends for the spring-summer 2021 season ? The possibilities are many, fun and flattering... especially if you are willing to leave discretion and minimalism aside. What are you waiting for? Discover the best new season designs right now in imitation jewelry on-line

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