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Discover a World Where Creativity and Authenticity Shine.

At the heart of our story lies an emotional journey, an odyssey that took us away from a frenetic world to immerse ourselves in one more serene and full of passion . It is an invitation to discover authentic beauty and celebrate the individuality of each woman .

Our journey began as a whisper in the wind, a longing to escape the chains of routine and social pressure. We not only wanted to be different, we wanted to feel and experience that difference.

As women, our mission became a crusade to empower ourselves so that we could all show the world our unique brilliance. We become defenders of an ancient artisan tradition, embracing pure materials and techniques that honor femininity in every detail.

Each of our pieces is a reflection of our love for different cultures and times. They are pieces that tell stories, that fuse the romantic with the historical, the modern with the ethnic. In every jewel, in every imperfection, we see a piece of our soul, a tribute to the imperfect beauty that we all carry within us.

I'm Lola Capel, the dreamer and founder of My heart and my passion are captured in this signature. Designs designed for you, for brave women who seek to leave their mark on the world, showing their unique and passionate style.

Whenever you have a wish, a question, or just want to share a moment, I'm here, along with my dedicated team, waiting in the chat to connect with you. Because for us, you are part of this great family.

Our journey is not over; In reality, it is only beginning. We will continue exploring, creating and dreaming, bringing to the world news that ignites the spirit. We invite you to be part of this journey, to be part of our family. Because together, we illuminate the world with our authenticity. Join us!