Aquamarine, the gem of the immense blue

Aguamarina, la gema del inmenso azul

Pretty of Mind pieces integrate precious and semi-precious materials into their designs with the intention that their meanings and aesthetic values ​​coexist with each other. One of the gems that we appreciate the most in our recent collections is aquamarine , a beautiful gem with a lot of personality.

The origin of its name is obvious. It means “Sea Water” because of that combination of blue and green that evokes deep waters. In fact, in ancient times it was the amulet of seafaring travelers, capable of calming Poseidon. However, it is a mineral of magmatic origin, and is usually more valuable the darker the blue it projects.

We can find aquamarine in Brazil, Argentina, Afghanistan, Austria, France, China, Kenya, Madagascar, Russia, Tanzania and Canada, but the most valuable is that of Dasu in Pakistan. It is, like the emerald, a very hard beryl, which allows designing very special cuts.

At Pretty of Mind you can find earrings and rings , among other pieces made with this gem with exclusive and artisan designs. We want to know what you think!

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