Nature-friendly jewelry

When we created the design firm Pretty of Mind we were very clear that it had to be a sustainable jewelry firm, that is, respectful of the environment, and that respect extends to other facets of our work. If our designs were going to be inspired by nature, what less than paying tribute to it that would not cause harm to what belongs to everyone.

We have internalized this principle as one of the hallmarks of the brand, and we will always preserve it. There are several factors that have to do with this maxim. For example:

1. Sustainable extraction. The precious stones used in Pretty of Mind come from certified mines, which take care of the environment and respect the worker who extracts them. Mining is an activity that could do a lot of damage to nature, and in fact in the past it has been like that, but today we know the techniques and limits that allow us to work and be sustainable. It is enough to be aware and worry.

2. Small scale production. If our firm's jewelry is exclusive and unique, it is not only because we make designs that are special for those who own them. It also has to do with a production system that moves away from mass manufacturing.

3. Limited editions. No matter how successful a piece of jewelry or a Pretty of Mind collection may be, they are born from the beginning as a specific design in which materials that have already been calculated participate. Production is not going to be expanded.

4. Handmade. In addition to recovering traditions and techniques that were doomed to disappear - and that no industrial machine can do -, we generated a process that establishes maximum respect for the artisans with whom we work.

In this way, when you trust Pretty of Mind jewelry you know that you are supporting a project that aspires to participate in a creative process that respects the environment. And we thank you!

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