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“I never think about how other people will respond to the way I dress. “Dressing is just the way I reflect what I feel.” We identify a lot with this phrase from Blake Lively, and we used it to launch this blog of this new website with which we present the Pretty of Mind jewelry collections, with pieces that will faithfully transmit the way you feel at all times. .

These are unique jewelry, made using artisanal techniques and by hand, so no two are alike, recovering lost traditions while creating jewelry full of exclusivity. There are exotic references, primordial materials and semi-precious stones, such as quartz, onyx, jade, aged pearls, chalcedony, aquamarine, coral, tourmaline... And designs that will give just the right contrast to stand out from your style.

We have carefully planned the way in which we present these collections to you, which you will find in the different sections of the website (designed by theSquembri agency ), with the possibility of purchasing and acquiring special gift cards . In this staging we have to thank the work of the SantoPalomo photographers, the best team to make Pretty of Mind shine, and the Nofuentes Models agency (styling, makeup and models for the Hotel Marquis Issabel's session) who, together with the hairdresser (exterior ) of Equinox and Lucía's (exterior) makeup (advanced unisex aesthetic center) recreated the perfect personality to show off the new Pretty of Mind pieces. All of them have contributed with their way of seeing this brand to shape the image that you have before you today, providing expressiveness and vividness.

Finally, we want to thank the Marquis Issabel's Hotel in Granada, which served as a magnificent setting for the photography sessions.

You are already inside our universe. Find your space, find the design that best speaks about you and let us know what your impression has been. Thank you!

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