Pretty Of Mind at the Intercultural meetings in Granada.

Pretty Of Mind at the Intercultural meetings in Granada.

A day where we had talks and debates, analyzing the figure of women in Christian, Muslim and Jewish culture. Accompanied by Michael Gordon and ending with a parade of Andalusian women's clothing from the 15th to the 21st centuries.

First Pretty Of Mind show.

We loved the proposal for Pretty Of Mind jewelry participated in the event. It was a special day, we were launching the website and we were also launching on the catwalk and it couldn't have been an event more in line with the philosophy of Pretty Of Mind. We had a great day, where Michael Gordon ( In representation of Noah Gordon ) told us about both the book and the musical that is being performed these days in Madrid “the doctor”. With representation from both the Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities, we were chatting and debating how important tolerance and respect towards other cultures is today for our society to continue evolving and the importance of the figure of women throughout of history. Did you know that the mosque Qarawiyin has and preserves the oldest and possibly the first university in the world? it was built by Fatima al-Fihri , students from all over the world wanted to train there, Arabic numerals were known in Europe thanks to this university, this is just an example of the importance of women in the evolution of education.

As a final touch, a parade of Andalusian costumes, in a perfect setting such as the Carmen of the Martyrs of Granada, taking a tour from the 15th to the 21st century, the jewels of Pretty Of Mind They paraded with the designs of Madja Guermaz and Marim Almuaddin It was a pleasure to have met them and shared this day with them.

I leave you with a small sample of what happened, Happy Easter!!

Pretty Of Mind

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